Victoria and University vie for Division Honours – 9th March 2015

As the season heads towards the close in the Plymouth & District Badminton League, the two top teams in Men’s Division A are currently vying for the honours with Victoria edging ahead only due to less points having been scored against them as both teams currently sit on 90 points, 8 wins and 1 draw. Victoria have been helped by a series of good wins including 12-0 at home to Callington and two 12-0 wins against Derriford in both their home and away ties. Meanwhile the students had taken a 12-0 win at home to their B side and a good 2-10 win away to Ivybridge. At the bottom of the table, Derriford have continued to struggle in this their first season in Division A and will find themselves back in Division Two next season. At home to Callington, Derriford lost 3-9 whilst the return leg saw Derriford go home with a 10-2 loss. More 10-2 losses followed, away to University B and at home to Ivybridge. Meanwhile Victoria B appear to be leading the race for third place, helped by a 4-8 win away to University B and an 11-1 win in the return fixture. University B also lost 10-2 in their away match at Callington.

In Division B of the Men’s Division, Plymouth Life Centre A are currently sitting at the top of the table, five points ahead of their nearest rivals and with a game in hand. The PLC A were aided by a 10-2 win at home to University C and a 1-11 win away to Eggbuckland. Meanwhile University C are in second place but having competed all of their matches this season, they must wait on everyone else to see if this will be their final position. The students had taken a 4-8 win away to Eggbuckland and a 10-2 win a home to YMCA Kitto with a 5-7 win in the return fixture. Meanwhile YMCA Kitto encountered mixed fortunes with a 9-3 loss at PLC B and an 11-1 win at home to Eggbuckland.

In Division Three, debutants Liskeard have claimed the title by building an unassailable lead thanks to a 12-0 win over Kuasa and still having two games in hand. With just 7 points between the remaining teams, it will be a battle to avoid that bottom slot. BATS have already finished their season and must now wait for the others but their cause was not helped by 3 losses in a row – 3-9 away to Torpoint, 4-8 at home to Kuasa and 4-8 away to PLC C. Torpoint may have the edge for the second place due to two games in hand and an 11-1 win at home to PLC C. Meanwhile PLC C had taken an 8-4 win at home to Kuasa.

The Ladies from Victoria have run away with the Ladies Division this season, thanks to 12-0 wins away to Kuasa and PLC and a game in hand. Meanwhile University had taken a 12-0 win away to Division strugglers Marjon.


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