Beckly Cup 2015-2016

The Home Team has the choice of shuttles in all rounds prior to the Final when the League will provide the shuttles.

It will be assumed that the Home Team will be using the same shuttles as are used during other matches, unless otherwise advised.

First Round Draw

All First Round Matches were played between 30th November and 6th December 2015.

Match No. Home Team Aces Away Team Aces Winning Margin
1 Torpoint  226+135=361 Liskeard  368  7 aces
2 Callington  310+72=382 University  331  51 aces
3 Bye BATS
4 Eggbuckland  344 Plymouth Life Centre  298+61=361 17 aces
5 Bye YMCA Kitto
6 Bye Kuasa
7 Tavyside 104+288=392 Victoria  378  14 aces
8 Bye Derriford
Second Round Draw

All Second Round Matches were played between 11th and 24th January 2016.

Plymouth Life Centre

Home Team Aces Away Team Aces Winning Margin
YMCA Kitto  361 Kuasa  245+207=452 91aces
BATS  229+189=418 Liskeard 376 42aces
Derriford 232+99=331 Callington 347 16aces
Plymouth Life Centre  378 Tavyside  186+180=366  12aces
Semi Final Draw

Semi-Final Matches are scheduled to be played between 8th and 14th February 2016.

Home Team Aces     Away Team Aces Winning Margin
 BATS  151+198=349  Callington  374 25aces
 Kuasa  166+261=427 Plymouth Life Centre  378 49aces
Final Draw

The Final will be played on Friday 26th February 2016 at the Torpoint & Rame Leisure Centre.

Home Team Aces Away Team Aces Winning Margin
 Kuasa  164+270=434 Callington  378  56aces