Division 1
Nov 11thUniversityCallington A9-0
Nov 14thGreenbankPlymouth Life Centre A9-0
Nov 18thUniversityPlymouth Life Centre A9-0
Nov 20thPlymouth Life Centre ACallington A5-4
Nov 21stGreenbankIvybridge6-3
Dec 10thIvybridgeCallington A7-2
Dec 18thPlymouth Life Centre AGreenbank4-5
Dec 20thCallington AGreenbank5-4
Jan 7thIvybridgeUniversity0-9
Jan 25thUniversityIvybridge A8-1
Feb 6thGreenbankUniversity1-8
Feb 7thCallington APlymouth Life Centre A8-1
Feb 12thPlymouth Life Centre AIvybridge1-8
Feb 19thPlymouth Life Centre AUniversity1-8
Feb 25thIvybridgePlymouth Life Centre A5-4
Mar 3rdUniversityGreenbank6-3
Mar 11thIvybridgeGreenbank5-4
Mar 14thCallington AIvybridge1-8
Mar 21stCallington AUniversity2-7
Mar 27thGreenbankCallington7-2


Division 2
Oct 28thDerrifordEggbuckland5-4
Oct 28thYMCA KittoTorpoint A8-1
Nov 6thTorpoint AEggbuckland0-9
Nov 8thCallington BDerriford5-4
Nov 18thDerrifordTorpoint A5-4
Nov 21stEggbucklandCallington B6-3
Nov 28thEggbucklandYMCA Kitto7-2YMCA Kitto concede 3
penalty not applied as
games played
Dec 6thCallington BYMCA Kitto6-3
Dec 16thDerrifordYMCA Kitto6-3
Jan 10thCallington BEggbuckland8-1
Jan 20thYMCA KittoDerriford2-7
Jan 24thCallington BTorpoint A9-0
Jan 27thYMCA KittoEggbuckland5-4
Feb 6thEggbucklandTorpoint A5-4
Feb 20thEggbucklandDerriford4-5
Mar 12thTorpoint AYMCA Kitto4-5
Mar 17thYMCA KittoCallington B7-2
Mar 19thTorpoint ADerriford1-8
Mar 31stDerrifordCallington B4-5
UnplayedTorpoint ACallington BCommittee has awarded
9 points (but not the
win) to Torpoint A and
Callington have received
a 3 point penalty


Division 3
Oct 30thPlymouth Life Centre BBATS6-3
Nov 13thPlymouth Life Centre BTorpoint B8-1
Nov 28thDevonshireBATS7-2
Dec 3rdDevonshireTorpoint B9-0
Jan 8thTorpoint BPlymouth Life Centre B1-8
Jan 11thBATSPlymouth Life Centre B4-5
Jan 29thTorpoint BBATS0-9
Mar 1stBATSTorpoint B9-0Torpoint B concede 3
penalty not applied as
games played
Mar 12thPlymouth Life Centre BDevonshire2-7
Mar 22ndBATSDevonshire0-9
Mar 26thTorpoint BDevonshire0-9
Mar 27thDevonshirePlymouth Life Centre B9-0


Division A
Oct 22ndIvybridge APlymouth Life Centre A10-2adjusted from 7-5,
plus PLC A deducted -3
(unregistered player)
3 Points restored with
successful appeal
Oct 28thUniversity APlymouth Life Centre A12-0
Oct 31stGreenbankVictoria3-9
Nov 5thIvybridge AUniversity A0-12
Nov 6thVictoriaPlymouth Life Centre A11-1
Nov 7thGreenbankUniversity B5-7
Nov 9thUniversity BPlymouth Life Centre A12-0
Nov 14thUniversity AUniversity B11-1
Nov 26thIvybridge ACallington A5-7
Nov 28thGreenbankCallington A9-3
Nov 28thUniversity BUniversity A2-10
Dec 2ndUniversity ACallington A12-0
Dec 4thPlymouth Life Centre AUniversity B0-12
Dec 4thVictoriaGreenbank2-10
Dec 12thGreenbankPlymouth Life Centre A12-0
Dec 18thVictoriaIvybridge A7-5
Jan 8thVictoriaCallington A11-1
Jan 9thCallington AUniversity B0-12
Jan 15thVictoriaUniversity A2-10
Jan 15thPlymouth Life Centre AIvybridge A1-11
Jan 22ndPlymouth Life Centre AGreenbank4-8
Jan 22ndVictoriaUniversity B9-3
Jan 29thPlymouth Life Centre AVictoria4-8
Jan 30thCallington AIvybridge A2-10
Feb 4thIvybridge AGreenbank8-4
Feb 5thPlymouth Life Centre AUniversity A0-12
Feb 13thCallington APlymouth Life Centre A7-5
Feb 13thGreenbankUniversity A2-10
Feb 17thUniversity AVictoria11-1
Feb 20thCallington AGreenbank2-10
Feb 24thUniversity BVictoria11-1
Feb 27thCallington AUniversity A2-10
Mar 4thIvybridge AUniversity B3-9
Mar 6thCallington AVictoria7-5
Mar 6thGreenbankIvybridge A6-6
Mar 10thUniversity BCallington A12-0
Mar 15thUniversity BIvybridge A6-6
Mar 17thUniversity AIvybridge A9-3
Mar 17thUniversity BGreenbank9-3
Mar 19thPlymouth Life Centre ACallington A5-7
Mar 24thUniversity AGreenbank10-2
Mar 25thIvybridge AVictoria10-2


Division B
Oct 9thPlymouth Life Centre BPlymouth Life Centre C11-1
Oct 14thYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre B6-6
Oct 16thPlymouth Life Centre CPlymouth Life Centre B2-10
Oct 23rdPlymouth Life Centre BDerriford1-11
Oct 29thIvybridge BPlymouth Life Centre C9-3
Nov 4thDerrifordPlymouth Life Centre B9-3
Nov 12thIvybridge BYMCA Kitto6-6
Nov 16thUniversity CYMCA Kitto9-3
Nov 19thIvybridge BPlymouth Life Centre B9-3
Nov 25thDerrifordYMCA Kitto11-1
Nov 27thPlymouth Life Centre BIvybridge B10-2
Dec 7thUniversity CIvybridge B9-3
Dec 9thYMCA KittoDerriford1-11
Dec 11thPlymouth Life Centre CYMCA Kitto4-8
Dec 16thDerrifordYMCA Kitto6-3
Jan 6thYMCA KittoIvybridge B6-6YMCA Kitto -2 for
a late score sheet
Jan 8thPlymouth Life Centre CDerriford0-12
Jan 18thUniversity CPlymouth Life Centre B12-0
Jan 22ndPlymouth Life Centre CIvybridge B7-5
Jan 27thUniversity CPlymouth Life Centre C10-2
Jan 28thIvybridge BDerriford2-10
Feb 3rdDerrifordPlymouth Life Centre C12-0
Feb 3rdYMCA KittoUniversity C7-5
Feb 17thYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre C10-2
Feb 18thIvybridge BUniversity C3-9
Feb 26thPlymouth Life Centre BYMCA Kitto8-4
Mar 3rdUniversity CDerriford6-6
Mar 5thPlymouth Life Centre BUniversity C6-6
Mar 10thDerrifordIvybridge B8-4
Mar 12thPlymouth Life Centre CUniversity C1-11
Mar 24thDerrifordUniversity C7-5


Division C
Oct 19thBATSEggbuckland6-6 adjusted from 0-12,
plus Eggbuckland -3
(unregistered player),
and BATS -2 (late
score sheet)
Oct 25thTavistockPlymouth Life Centre D8-4
Oct 29thDevonshireCallington B6-6adjusted from 0-12,
plus Callington B -3
(unregistered player).
Devonshire have
withdrawn so result
null & void
Oct 31stEggbucklandTavistock9-3
Nov 4thUniversity DEggbuckland12-0
Nov 6thPlymouth Life Centre DUniversity D3-9
Nov 8thTavistockBATS8-4
Nov 14thDevonshireEggbucklandscore sheet outstanding.
Devonshire have
withdrawn so result
null & void
Nov 19thDevonshireBATS1-11Devonshire have
withdrawn so result
null & void
Nov 22ndTavistockUniversity D5-7
Nov 25thUniversity DPLC D12-0
Dec 4thPlymouth Life Centre DTavistock4-8
Dec 9thUniversity DBATS11-1
Dec 11thPlymouth Life Centre DDevonshire12-0Devonshire -3 (missing
player). Devonshire
have withdrawn so
result null & void
Dec 12thEggbucklandCallington B2-10
Dec 14thBATSPlymouth Life Centre D4-8
Jan 9thCallington BPlymouth Life Centre D10-2
Jan 16thCallington BBATS12-0
Jan 16thEggbucklandPlymouth Life Centre D7-5
Jan 23rdEggbucklandBATS6-6
Jan 27thUniversity DTavistock7-5
Jan 29thPlymouth Life Centre DCallington B7-5
Jan 31stTavistockEggbuckland7-5
Feb 5thPlymouth Life Centre DBATS8-4
Feb 6thCallington BEggbuckland12-0
Feb 8thBATSTavistock8-4BATS -2 for a late
score sheet
Feb 10thCallington BUniversity D10-2
Feb 17thUniversity DCallington B10-2Callington B -3 (missing
player) - appeal allowed
Feb 21stTavistockCallington B1-11Callington B -4 for
failing to turn up on
original match date
Feb 22ndBATSUniversity D1-11
Mar 13thEggbucklandUniversity D1-11
Mar 19thPlymouth Life Centre DEggbuckland11-1
Mar 29thBATSCallington BReferred to Committee:
Callington have now
conceded too many
events this season and
their results have been
declared null & void


Division A
Oct 14thYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre2-10YMCA Kitto have
withdrawn so
result null & void
Oct 23rdPlymouth Life CentreDevonshire0-12
Oct 24thGreenbankYMCA Kitto12-0YMCA Kitto have
withdrawn so
result null & void
Nov 4thYMCA KittoDevonshire0-12YMCA Kitto have
withdrawn so
result null & void
Nov 21stDevonshireUniversity5-7
Jan 9thDevonshirePlymouth Life Centre11-1
Jan 15thPlymouth Life CentreGreenbank3-9
Jan 23rdGreenbankPlymouth Life Centre9-3
Jan 30thGreenbankDevonshire8-4
Feb 3rdUniversityPlymouth Life Centre12-0
Feb 10thUniversityDevonshire12-0
Feb 24thUniversityGreenbank7-5
Mar 18thDevonshireGreenbank8-4
Mar 20thGreenbankUniversity11-1
Mar 26thPlymouth Life CentreUniversity2-10