Division 1
Oct 23rdVictoria BVictoria A1-8
Oct 27thDerrifordVictoria B0-9
Nov 3rdUniversityVictoria A1-8Score adjusted from 3-6 and University deducted -3 (unregistered player). Appeal submitted. Committee agree penalty to stand
Nov 4thIvybridgeDerriford9-0
Nov 17thDerrifordCallington A0-9
Nov 24thUniversityDerriford8-1
Nov 28thCallington AVictoria B5-4
Dec 3rdVictoria AVictoria B8-1
Dec 8thUniversityIvybridge8-1
Dec 16IvybridgeCallington A1-8
Jan 6thIvybridgeVictoria A1-8
Jan 7thVictoria BCallington A8-1
Jan 9thCallington AVictoria A1-8
Jan 22ndVictoria ADerriford7-2
Jan 29thVictoria BIvybridge8-1
Feb 2ndUniversityVictoria B8-1
Feb 5thVictoria AUniversity5-4
Feb 6thCallington AIvybridge8-1
Feb 12thVictoria BDerriford8-1
Feb 17thIvybridgeUniversity4-5
Feb 20thCallington AUniversity8-1
Feb 23rdVictoria ACallington A7-2
Mar 5thVictoria BUniversity7-2
Mar 9thDerrifordUniversity0-9
Mar 12thVictoria A Ivybridge9-0
Mar 16thDerrifordVictoria A0-9
Mar 23rdUniversityCallington A4-5
Mar 24thIvybridgeVictoria B0-9
Mar 27thCallington ADerriford9-0
Mar 30thDerrifordIvybridge5-4

Division 2
Oct 17thCallington BYMCA Kitto9-0
Oct 24thCallington BVictoria C3-6
Oct 31stCallington BEggbuckland2-7
Nov 5thPlymouth Life Centre AVictoria C5-4
Nov 13thVictoria CCallington B5-4
Nov 20thEggbucklandCallington B9-0Callington concede 3 points but no additional penalties as all events played
Dec 3rdPlymouth Life Centre ACallington B9-0
Dec 10thPlymouth Life Centre AEggbuckland9-0
Dec 15thYMCA KittoVictoria C2-7
Dec 18thVictoria CEggbuckland3-6
Jan 5thYMCA KittoEggbuckland2-7
Jan 19thYMCA KittoCallington B6-3
Jan 22ndEggbucklandVictoria C8-1
Jan 23rdCallington BPlymouth Life Centre A5-4
Feb 12thVictoria CPlymouth Life Centre A8-1
Feb 19thEggbucklandPlymouth Life Centre A5-4
Feb 23rdYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre A2-7YMCA Kitto concede 3 points but no additional penalties as all events played
Mar 11thPlymouth Life Centre AYMCA Kitto9-0
Mar 19thVictoria CYMCA Kitto7-2
Mar 26thEggbucklandYMCA Kitto6-3

Division 3
Oct 20thTavysideBATS1-8
Nov 15thBATSPlymouth Life Centre B3-6
Nov 21stKuasaBATS2-7
Dec 15thTavysideKuasa7-2
Jan 26thTavysidePlymouth Life Centre B1-8
Feb 4thPlymouth Life Centre BBATS6-3
Feb 11thPlymouth Life Centre BKuasa7-2
Feb 28thBATSTavyside8-1
Mar 4thPlymouth Life Centre BTavyside6-3Tavyside concede 3 but as all games were played, no additional penalties
Mar 14thBATSKuasa5-4BATS concede 3 but as all games were played, no additional penalties
Mar 20thKuasaTavyside4-5
Mar 27thKuasaPlymouth Life Centre B0-9

Division A
Oct 20thUniversity AIvybridge12-0
Oct 21stIvybridgeDerriford12-0
Oct 27thUniversity BIvybridge4-8
Nov 6thVictoria BIvybridge9-3
Nov 10thDerrifordUniversity A1-11
Nov 10thVictoria AVictoria B10-2
Nov 11thIvybridgeUniversity B11-1
Nov 13thVictoria BUniversity A4-8
Nov 17thUniversity AVictoria B9-3
Nov 21stCallingtonIvybridge3-9
Nov 27thVictoria BVictoria A12-0
Dec 1stDerrifordVictoria B1-11
Dec 1stUniversity A Callington12-0
Dec 4thVictoria AIvybridge9-3
Dec 11thVictoria BDerriford12-0
Dec 12thCallingtonVictoria A5-7
Dec 15thUniversity ADerriford10-2
Dec 18thVictoria AUniversity B12-0Late score sheet, Victoria -2
Dec 19thCallington Victoria B5-7
Jan 12thUniversity BCallington8-4Callington concede 3 but no additional penalties as all games were played
Jan 13thIvybridgeVictoria B6-6
Jan 15thVictoria AUniversity A6-6
Jan 22ndVictoria ACallington12-0
Jan 26thDerrifordCallington3-9
Jan 27thIvybridgeUniversity A2-10
Jan 30thCallingtonUniversity B10-2
Jan 31stUniversity AUniversity B12-0
Feb 2ndUniversity BDerriford10-2
Feb 9thUniversity BVictoria B4-8
Feb 10thIvybridgeVictoria A0-12
Feb 13thCallingtonDerriford10-2
Feb 19thVictoria BUniversity B11-1
Feb 23rdDerrifordIvybridge2-10
Feb 23rdUniversity BUniversity AReferred to Committee. For decision, please see below
Feb 26thVictoria ADerriford12-0
Mar 2ndDerrifordUniversity B6-6
Mar 2ndUniversity AVictoria A8-4
Mar 9thUniversity BVictoria A1-11
Mar 13thCallingtonUniversity A3-9
Mar 17thIvybridgeCallington2-10
Mar 18thVictoria BCallington8-4
Mar 23rdDerrifordVictoria A0-12
Not Played causing League Committee to make decisionsUniversity BUniversity ANo points awardedUniversity B receive -9 for conceding the match.
Both teams receive -4 for not arranging the match within League guidelines or within the agreed extension period.
University B also receive -4 for not re-scheduling the match as requested by the Fixtures Secretary. University B now exceed the max. 15 penalties permitted and so lose all points gained this season and will be relegated.

Division B
Oct 20thUniversity DEggbuckland7-5
Oct 20thYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre A4-8
Oct 22ndPlymouth Life Centre APlymouth Life Centre B8-4
Oct 29thPlymouth Life Centre BPlymouth Life Centre A2-10
Oct 30thEggbucklandYMCA Kitto0-12
Nov 3rdYMCA KittoPlymouth Life Centre B8-4
Nov 8thUniversity CPlymouth Life Centre A8-4
Nov 10thUniversity CUniversity D9-3
Nov 12thPlymouth Life Centre AEggbuckland11-1
Nov 15thUniversity DYMCA Kitto7-5YMCA Kitto did not field a full team and so will receive a 3 points penalty. An Appeal will be allowed.
Nov 17thUniversity DUniversity C10-2
Nov 26thPlymouth Life Centre AYMCA Kitto5-7
Nov 27thEggbucklandPlymouth Life Centre B1-11
Nov 29thUniversity DPlymouth Life Centre A7-5
Dec 1stUniversity CEggbuckland12-0
Dec 3rdPlymouth Life Centre BUniversity D5-7
Dec 8thYMCA KittoUniversity D5-7
Jan 7thPlymouth Life Centre BEggbuckland12-0
Jan 10thUniversity CPlymouth Life Centre B3-9
Jan 14thPlymouth Life Centre BUniversity C6-6
Jan 21stPlymouth Life Centre AUniversity C10-2
Jan 24thUniversity CYMCA Kitto10-2
Jan 28thPlymouth Life Centre BYMCA Kitto9-3
Jan 29thEggbucklandUniversity C4-8
Feb 2ndYMCA KittoEggbuckland11-1
Feb 16thYMCA KittoUniversity C5-7
Feb 26thEggbucklandPlymouth Life Centre A1-11
Mar 12thEggbucklandUniversity D1-11
Mar 14thUniversity DPlymouth Life Centre B5-7
Mar 18thPlymouth Life Centre AUniversity D6-6

Division C
Nov 3rdLiskeardTorpoint10-2
Nov 7thKuasaPlymouth Life Centre C10-2
Nov 12thPlymouth Life Centre CTorpoint8-4
Nov 14thKuasaLiskeard1-11
Nov 17thLiskeardBATS12-0
Nov 24thLiskeardPlymouth Life Centre C12-0
Nov 29thBATSTorpoint7-5
Dec 12thKuasaBATS8-4
Jan 7thTorpointKuasa8-4
Jan 10thBATSLiskeard3-9
Jan 17thBATSPlymouth Life Centre C7-5
Jan 21stPlymouth Life Centre CKuasa8-4
Jan 28thTorpointBATS9-3
Feb 7thBATSKuasa4-8
Feb 18thTorpointPlymouth Life Centre C11-1
Feb 23rdLiskeardKuasa12-0
Feb 25thPlymouth Life Centre CBATS8-4
Mar 4thTorpointLiskeard0-12
Mar 13thKuasaTorpoint1-11
Mar 25thPlymouth Life Centre CLiskeard3-9

Division A
Oct 25thUniversityPlymouth Life Centre2-10
Nov 1stUniversityMarjon12-0
Nov 8thMarjonKuasa1-11
Nov 28thKuasaPlymouth Life Centre3-9
Nov 27thVictoriaUniversity10-2
Dec 8thVictoriaKuasa12-0
Dec 11thVictoriaPlymouth Life Centre12-0
Jan 7thPlymouth Life CentreMarjon11-1
Jan 19thUniversityVictoria1-11
Jan 28thPlymouth Life CentreUniversity9-3
Jan 30thKuasaUniversity2-10
Jan 31stMarjonPlymouth Life Centre0-12
Feb 6thKuasaMarjon12-0
Feb 7thMarjonVictoria0-12
Feb 20thKuasaVictoria0-12
Feb 25thPlymouth Life CentreVictoria0-12
Feb 23rdMarjonUniversity0-12
Mar 16thUniversityKuasa11-1
Mar 25thPlymouth Life CentreKuasa12-0
Mar 26thVictoriaMarjon12-0