Division 1
9th OctoberCallington AVictoria B5-4
16th OctoberCallington AUniversity4-5
22nd OctoberVictoria AEggbuckland9-0
29th OctoberEggbucklandUniversity2-7
2nd NovemberUniversityVictoria B5-4
5th NovemberVictoria BCallington A8-1
16th NovemberVictoria AVictoria B8-1
19th NovemberEggbucklandVictoria B0-9
23rd NovemberVictoria BVictoria A0-9
26th NovemberVictoria A University9-0
7th DecemberUniversityVictoria A4-5University -2 for late score sheet.
10th DecemberVictoria ACallington A9-0
15th JanuaryCallington AEggbuckland6-3
28th JanuaryEggbucklandVictoria A1-8
4th FebruaryVictoria BEggbuckland8-1
22nd FebruaryUniversityEggbuckland7-2
4th MarchCallington AVictoria A1-8
17th MarchEggbucklandCallington A4-5No score sheet received so Eggbuckland -2. Score sheet used was provided by Callington
18th MarchUniversityCallington A2-7Match was played at Callington
21st AprilVictoria BUniversity8-1University -4 for not turning up to the original fixture

Division 2
7th OctoberPLC APLC B9-0
14th OctoberPLC BPLC A1-8
19th OctoberDerrifordCallington B5-4
30th OctoberCallington BPLC A1-8
13th NovemberCallington BPLC B7-2
16th NovemberLiskeardPLC A4-5PLC concede 3, no penalties as games played
23rd NovemberLiskeardDerriford8-1
6th JanuaryPLC ACallington B8-1
13th JanuaryPLC BLiskeard2-7
22nd JanuaryCallington BLiskeard3-6
3rd FebruaryPLC BCallington B8-1
10th FebruaryPLC ADerriford7-2
15th FebruaryDerrifordPLC B3-6
17th FebruaryPLC BDerriford6-3
29th FebruaryDerrifordPLC A2-7
7th MarchLiskeardCallington B7-2
11th MarchCallington BDerriford9-0Derriford concede 5 but no penalties as games played
14th MarchDerrifordLiskeard1-8
30th MarchPLC ALiskeard2-7
18th AprilLiskeardPLC B9-0PLC B -4 for not playing the original fixture

Division 3
19th OctoberTavysidePLC C5-4
9th NovemberTavysideBATS5-4
16th NovemberTavysideYMCA Kitto1-8
21st NovemberBATSYMCA Kitto3-6
27th NovemberKuasaTavyside2-7
4th DecemberKuasaYMCA Kitto0-9
12th DecemberBATSKuasa6-3
16th DecemberPLC CKuasa7-2
15th JanuaryKuasaBATS2-7
25th JanuaryYMCA KittoKuasa9-0
27th JanuaryPLC CBATS5-4BATS concede 3 but no penalties as games played
29th JanuaryKuasaPLC C2-7
30th JanuaryBATSTavyside7-2
1st FebruaryYMCA KittoBATS6-3
15th FebruaryTavysideKuasa9-0
24th FebruaryPLC CYMCA Kitto2-7
29th FebruaryYMCA KittoPLC C5-4
9th MarchPLC CTavyside6-3
14th MarchYMCA KittoTavyside9-0
26th MarchBATSPLC C6-3

Division A
15th OctoberVictoria BUniversity A2-10
21st OctoberPLC AUniversity D6-6
24th OctoberUniversity AUniversity D9-3
26th OctoberUniversity DCallington4-8
26th OctoberDerrifordVictoria A0-12
4th NovemberPLC AUniversity A2-10
7th NovemberUniversity DUniversity A3-9
9th NovemberUniversity ADerriford10-2
9th NovemberUniversity DVictoria A1-11
12th NovemberVictoria ADerriford12-0Derriford concede 3 but no penalties as games were played.
16th NovemberDerrifordUniversity A2-10
19th NovemberVictoria AUniversity A6-6
23rd NovemberUniversity ACallington7-5
25th NovemberPLC AVictoria B5-7
30th NovemberDerrifordPLC A9-3
3rd DecemberVictoria AVictoria B12-0
7th DecemberDerrifordVictoria B5-7
12th DecemberUniversity AVictoria B7-5
12th DecemberUniversity DPLC A6-6
14th DecemberDerrifordUniversity D6-6
17th DecemberVictoria BCallington8-4
22nd DecemberVictoria BVictoria A0-12
13th JanuaryPLC AVictoria A0-12
14th JanuaryVictoria BDerriford8-4
21st JanuaryCallingtonDerriford12-0
28th JanuaryCallingtonVictoria B6-6
1st FebruaryDerrifordCallington0-12
4th FebruaryVictoria AUniversity D12-0
6th FebruaryUniversity APLC A11-1
15th FebruaryUniversity ACallington7-5Re-arranged Callington v University A match but played at University. Penalty of -4 to University for failing to attend original match.
25th FebruaryCallingtonVictoria A1-11
29th FebruaryUniversity AVictoria A5-7
2nd MarchPLC ADerriford11-1
4th MarchCallingtonPLC A10-2
7th MarchUniversity DVictoria B6-6
9th MarchPLC ACallington2-10
10th MarchCallingtonUniversity D8-4
14th MarchVictoria APLC A12-0
17th MarchVictoria BUniversity D11-1Victoria B -2 for late score sheet
21st MarchUniversity DDerriford10-2
24th MarchVictoria ACallington12-0
31st MarchVictoria BPLC A12-0

Division B
19th OctoberLiskeardUniversity B11-1
26th OctoberLiskeardPLC B12-0
4th NovemberPLC BLiskeard1-11
4th NovemberTorpoint AYMCA Kitto3-9
9th NovemberYMCA KittoLiskeard1-11
14th NovemberUniversity BUniversity C8-4
18th NovemberPLC BUniversity B6-6
23rd NovemberYMCA KittoTorpoint A8-4
30th NovemberUniversity CUniversity B1-11
7th DecemberYMCA KittoUniversity B8-4
9th DecemberPLC BUniversity C11-1PLC -2 for a late score sheet
14th DecemberUniversity BTorpoint A3-9
21st DecemberLiskeardTorpoint A8-4
4th JanuaryLiskeardYMCA Kitto8-4
11th JanuaryUniversity CTorpoint A3-9
18th JanuaryYMCA KittoPLC B10-2
25th JanuaryUniversity BLiskeard0-12
27th JanuaryTorpoint APLC B5-7
3rd FebruaryTorpoint AUniversity C9-3
6th FebruaryUniversity BYMCA Kitto4-8
15th FebruaryLiskeardUniversity C12-0
17th FebruaryTorpoint AUniversity B3-9
22nd FebruaryYMCA KittoUniversity C8-4
24th FebruaryTorpoint ALiskeard0-12
5th MarchUniversity CPLC B9-3
12th MarchUniversity BPLC B9-3PLC B -4 for not playing the original fixture
16th MarchPLC BTorpoint A9-3
19th MarchUniversity CYMCA Kitto3-9
21st MarchUniversity CLiskeard0-12
23rd MarchPLC BYMCA Kitto9-3

Division C
17th OctoberBATSTavyside12-0
28th OctoberPLC CBATS6-6
6th NovemberKuasaEggbuckland0-12
11th NovemberPLC CTavyside10-2
12th NovemberEggbucklandBATS3-9Adjusted from 7-5. Home team (-3) played an unregistered player. Appeal allowed.
14th NovemberBATSKuasa11-1
20th NovemberKuasaTavyside10-2
25th NovemberTorpoint BTavyside7-5Tavyside concede 3 but no penalties as games played
26th NovemberEggbucklandPLC C10-2
9th DecemberTorpoint BBATS2-10
11th DecemberKuasaPLC C12-0Adjusted from 10-2. PLC -3 for an unregistered player and PLC -3 for a missing player (Total -6)
17th DecemberEggbucklandTavyside11-1
6th JanuaryTorpoint BPLC C0-12
9th JanuaryBATSEggbuckland3-9
20th JanuaryTorpoint BEggbuckland0-12
25th JanuaryTavysidePLC C2-10
1st FebruaryTavysideTorpoint B11-1
5th FebruaryKuasaBATS5-7
10th FebruaryPLC CKuasa11-1
18th FebruaryEggbucklandKuasa12-0
22nd FebruaryTavysideBATS0-12
27th FebruaryBATSTorpoint B12-0BATS -2 for no score sheet. Result here is from Torpoint copy
29th FebruaryTavysideKuasa7-5
2nd MarchPLC CTorpoint B11-1
7th MarchTavysideEggbuckland0-12
9th MarchTorpoint BKuasa2-10
16th MarchPLC CEggbuckland5-7
18th MarchKuasaTorpoint B10-2
19th MarchBATSPLC6-6
31st MarchEggbucklandTorpoint B11-1

Division A
19th OctoberUniversity AUniversity B10-2
24th OctoberUniversity AVictoria A9-3
24th OctoberBATSKuasa6-6Null & void following BATS withdrawal Nov. 2015
26th OctoberDerrifordKuasa8-4
28th OctoberPLCBATS7-5Null & void following BATS withdrawal Nov. 2015
4th NovemberPLCVictoria8-4
7th NovemberMarjonUniversity B0-12
7th NovemberBATSUniversity A3-9Null & void following BATS withdrawal Nov. 2015
9th NovemberDerrifordMarjon12-0
11th NovemberPLC Kuasa11-1
13th NovemberKuasaUniversity B4-8
16th NovemberDerrifordUniversity A4-8
20th NovemberKuasaVictoria2-10
25th NovemberPLCUniversity A7-5
25th NovemberVictoriaMarjon12-0
28th NovemberUniversity AKuasa12-0
30th NovemberUniversity BUniversity A1-11
30th NovemberDerrifordPLC5-7
7th DecemberDerrifordVictoria5-7
11th DecemberKuasaMarjon12-0
14th DecemberUniversity BPLC1-11
8th JanuaryKuasaDerriford0-12
14th JanuaryVictoriaDerriford10-2
18th JanuaryUniversity BDerriford5-7
21st JanuaryVictoriaPLC10-2
25th JanuaryMarjonDerriford0-12
30th JanuaryMarjonKuasa0-12
30th JanuaryUniversity APLC4-8
1st FebruaryDerrifordUniversity B8-4
6th FebruaryMarjonUniversity A6-6Adjusted from 0-12. Also University A -3 for an unregistered player. Appeal allowed.
8th FebruaryVictoriaUniversity B12-0
13th FebruaryMarjonVictoria0-12
17th FebruaryPLCUniversity B12-0
18th FebruaryVictoriaKuasa12-0
29th FebruaryUniversity BKuasa8-4Scoresheet adjusted from 7-5 (mistakes made counting ends won)
4th MarchKuasaPLC0-12
7th MarchUniversity ADerriford4-8University A were a player short so -3 penalty. Appeal allowed
12th MarchMarjonPLC0-12
14th MarchUniversity BVictoria1-11
16th MarchPLCMarjon12-0
19th MarchUniversity BMarjon6-6University B concede 3 but no additional penalties as games played. Marjon -4 for not playing the original fixture
23rd MarchPLCDerriford9-3
25th AprilKuasaUniversity A3-9Played at University. University A -4 for not playing the original fixture
28th AprilVictoriaUniversity A12-0University A -4 for not playing the original fixture