League Constitution

1) The League shall be named “The Plymouth and District Churches Badminton League”.

2) The objects of the League will be:-

a. The promotion of good fellowship between members of various clubs.

b.The arrangement of matches between affiliated clubs.

 c.The arrangement of individual tournaments in accordance with tournament rules.

3) All clubs within defined boundaries of the League shall be considered for membership. These boundaries are the Ordnance Survey lines 047 and 075 latitude and 235 and 266 longitude or at the discretion of the Management Committee.

4) Each club shall attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in September. Six elected representatives of each club shall be empowered to vote on behalf of their club for the consideration of the balance sheet and report and to elect officers and other League officials, as may be deemed necessary, and to discharge any necessary business.

5) The officers of the League should consist of a President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Press & Fixtures Secretary and Hon. Tournament Secretary. All officers shall be elected annually with the exception of the President who shall be elected tri-annually.

6) The management of the League shall be vested in a committee to consist of the officers of the League plus ordinary members sufficient in number to be able to out vote the officers by two votes. No club shall provide more than three ordinary members. The Chairman shall not have a vote other than a casting vote.

7) On joining the League each team shall pay the fees in force at that time.

8) Alterations to rules:-

 a. No revocation amendment alteration or addition to these  rules shall be made except by resolutions passed by two-thirds of the representatives present and voting at the Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the League. Notice of such proposed alteration to be received by the Hon. Secretary in time to ensure that fourteen days notice can be sent to the Secretary of each club, of the terms of the suggested change.

b. No proposal will be accepted unless it is presented on the official proposal form. The form should be sent to the League Secretary by the date written on the bottom of the form.

9) All clubs in membership shall affiliate to their respective County Association via Badminton England.

10) Two auditors shall be appointed annually.

11) Vice-Presidents shall be proposed by the Management Committee and elected by simple majority of those voting at an AGM. The office of Vice-President shall be purely honorary and have no voting entitlement.

12) The League will make an annual donation to Plymouth & District Junior Badminton. The League will review the amount of the donation each year but it is expected to be in the region of £50.


Last Revision 2007, plus amendment from September 2010