Club Resources

Section updated: 17:40 Tuesday 19th September 2023


On this page clubs will find the resources they need to run fixtures throughout the season.

League Affiliation

Fixtures Submission

When submitting the fixtures for each team, both the HOME and AWAY fixtures need to be put into a spreadsheet and forwarded to the Fixtures Secretary’s.

  • The latest version of the spreadsheet lists the team codes to be used when submitting fixtures.
  • The files above are csv versions of the spreadsheet which can be loaded into most spreadsheet software.

Fixture Planner

Score Sheets

NB: Revised September 2021.

Clubs should begin to use the ‘Electronic’ versions of the score sheets.

Beckly Cup

NB: The “Team Declaration Form” needs to be with the Fixtures Secretary’s at least two weeks before the match date so that the handicap can be worked out by the “Handicap Committee”. Clubs failing to meet this deadline may find that the handicap is based on their best players as known to the league.



Club Matters Website

Clubs needing further information and guidance on matters to do with club organisation and management should refer to the Sport England, Club Matters website.

The Club Matters website includes the documents and procedures needed to gain ClubMark (Premier Club) status through Badminton England.