Men’s Division C

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NB: This section relies on other websites being available and some elements may take longer than others to appear. Information is drawn down from the following hosts:

  • League Republic – Plymouth Badminton League Tables
  • Google Drive – Electronic Score Sheets – these update live during the Fixtures

Updates will only occur when a fixture is being played but the league tables and completed score sheets will remain available.


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Recent Results and Upcoming Fixtures:

UYMC v LEMB<br>20/10/2023
LEMA v LEMB<br>23/10/2023
UYMC v LEMA<br>27/10/2023
LEMA v KAMD<br>30/10/2023
LEMB v KAMC<br>30/10/2023
KAMC v LEMA<br>03/11/2023
KAMC v KAMD<br>12/11/2023
LEMB v LEMA<br>13/11/2023
PEMB v UYMC<br>15/11/2023
KAMD v LEMB<br>17/11/2023
KAMD v KAMC<br>19/11/2023
LEMB v PEMB<br>20/11/2023
KAMC v PEMB<br>24/11/2023
KAMD v UYMC<br>24/11/2023
UYMC v KAMD<br>08/12/2023
LEMA v PEMB<br>11/12/2023
KAMC v LEMB<br>12/01/2024
LEMA v KAMC<br>22/01/2024
PEMB v KAMD<br>24/01/2024
KAMD v PEMB<br>02/02/2024
LEMB v UYMC<br>12/02/2024
PEMB v LEMA<br>14/02/2024
UYMC v KAMC<br>16/02/2024
LEMB v KAMD<br>19/02/2024
PEMB v LEMB<br>28/02/2024
LEMA v UYMC<br>04/03/2024
UYMC v PEMB<br>08/03/2024
KAMD v LEMA<br>15/03/2024
PEMB v KAMC<br>20/03/2024
KAMC v UYMC<br>22/03/2024