League Constitution

Last Update: 06:00 on Wednesday 22/05/2024


Over the last year the Plymouth and District Badminton League Constitution has been updated. The updated constitution and rules below were voted in at the AGM held on Tuesday 21st May 2024.

Constitution and Rules:

The League Constitution


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

The League Constitution


1) League Name:

  • 1.1 The league shall be called “The Plymouth and District Churches Badminton League”; hereafter referred to as “the League”


2) The objectives of the League shall be to:

  • 2.1 promote good fellowship between members of various clubs;

  • 2.2 arrange matches between affiliated clubs;

  • 2.3 arrange tournaments in accordance with the tournament rules.

  • 2.4 All the above shall be in accordance with the laws of badminton as adopted by Badminton England and the Badminton World Federation.

  • 2.5 All the above shall be in accordance with the changes to Badminton England policies in relation to EDI and / or child / vulnerable adults production;


3) Membership:

  • 3.1 The League shall be open to one or more teams from clubs playing in the Plymouth area and at the discretion of the Committee;

  • 3.2It shall be a condition of membership that all clubs be affiliated to Badminton England and their respective county for insurance purposes;

  • 3.3Any club looking to withdraw / add a team from the league should inform the Fixtures Secretary at the September General Meeting;

  • 3.4Each club shall notify the Fixtures Secretary of the day(s) of the week that their home fixtures will be played;


4) Finance:

  • 4.1 The financial year shall commence on 1st May;

  • 4.2 The annual team subscription shall be determined at each Annual General Meeting and shall be payable before the first fixture is played in the season;

  • 4.3 The Treasurer shall submit to the AGM, for approval, the accounts of the League for the previous season, duly examined by the auditors.

  • 4.4 The auditors will be appointed at the AGM.

  • 4.5 The league will make an annual donation to the “Plymouth & District Junior Badminton”. ​​ The league will review the amount of the donation each year but is expected to be the higher of either £50 or the interest from league accounts.


5) Annual General Meeting (AGM):

  • 5.1 The AGM shall be held by the end of May each year for the purpose of receiving reports and accounts, considering motions for which due notice has been given, the election of officers, and any other relevant business;

  • 5.2 Each club in membership shall have twenty-one days notice of such meeting;

    • 5.2.1 Accidental omission to give such notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at the AGM;

  • 5.3 Proposals for the AGM must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting;

  • 5.4 Each club shall be represented at the AGM

    • 5.4.1 all representatives of a club may attend the AGM but that each club will have either 3 votes or 2 votes per team "type" entered into the league the preceding season;

    • 5.4.2 Voting at the AGM is restricted to those clubs with “active” teams in the league; clubs who have paid just the club affiliation fee may attend the AGM but not vote;

    • 5.4.3 Representatives of a club shall not be permitted to second a motion proposed by their club;

  • 5.5 No proxy voting shall be permitted;

  • 5.6 The chairman of the AGM shall be the Chairman of the League in post at that time;

    • 5.6.1If the chairman is unavailable then the League President shall take the chair;

  • 5.7The individual chairing the meeting shall have the casting vote should a vote be tied;

  • 5.8 The quorum for a General meeting shall be the representation of one-third of all the clubs in the League;

  • 5.9 Every motion submitted shall be decided by a majority on a show of hands.

  • 5.10 The representatives attending an AGM shall have the right to vote on any amendment to any published motion, and the Committee shall act upon any amendment so carried as though due notice had been given;

  • 5.11 The date of the next AGM shall be determined at the subsequent committee meeting;


6) Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM):

  • 6.1 An extraordinary general meeting may be convened by the Committee or by the League Secretary upon the written requisition of not less than one-third of all clubs;

    • 6.1.1 Such a requisition shall state the reason(s) for which the meeting is to be called

    • 6.1.2 Any such meeting is to be held within 28 days of such a requisition being received;

    • 6.1.3 The proposal or proposals to be discussed shall be incorporated in the notice and no other business than that specified shall be transacted;

  • 6.2The rules for a AGM shall apply;


7) League Management:

  • 7.1 The management of the League shall be vested in a General Committee consisting of the executive members and a representative from each actively competing club within league;

  • 7.2 The Executive Committee members shall be:

  • 7.3 In addition to the Executive Committee the following will be appointed to the General Committee at the AGM:

  • 7.4 Apart from the President who shall serve a term of three years, the Executive Committee members shall retire annually at the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election and shall form the Executive Committee;

  • 7.5In addition to the above a Welfare Officer shall be appointed to attend all tournaments;

  • 7.6The ordinary members, who must be or have been members of the League, shall be elected to serve annually and shall be eligible for re-election;

  • 7.7All newly elected Officers and Committee members shall take office as from the close of the AGM;

  • 7.8The Executive Committee is responsible for maintaining the Constitution for the League;

  • 7.9The constitution shall only be amended at an AGM or EGM;

    • 7.91 Due notice of any amendment shall be given to the clubs prior to the meeting;

    • 7.9.2 Amendments may be proposed by the League Committee, or by any member club in writing to the League Secretary at least 14 days before the date of an AGM or EGM;

    • 7.9.3 Any alterations or additions to the constitution and rules must have a two-thirds majority at an AGM / EGM.

  • 7.10Members of the Executive Committee shall form the Disciplinary Sub-Committee;


8) Fixtures Meeting:

  • 8.1 A meeting to agree League fixtures shall be held at the start of October;

  • 8.2 Each club in membership shall be given fourteen days notice of the meeting;

  • 8.3 Each club shall receive a fixture diary for the season;


9) Powers of the Committee:

  • 9.1 To accept or decline all applications for membership;

  • 9.2 To terminate the membership of any club already in the League

  • 9.3 To determine the constitution of all divisions, including the promotion and relegation of teams between divisions;

  • 9.4 To make decisions regarding all abandoned, conceded or postponed matches where these matters are not sufficiently covered by the rules, or are in dispute;

  • 9.5 To give a ruling on all disputes or appeals on any matter related to the League;

    • 9.5.1 To penalise breaches of rules by deduction of League points or by such penalty as may be decided;

    • 9.5.2 Any matter not provided for by these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee who shall also be the sole authority for the interpretation thereof, provided that any decision given by a General Meeting shall be binding;

    • 9.5.3 Any addition to, or interpretation of, these rules made by the executive shall only be operative until the next AGM of the League, when they shall be reported to such meeting for confirmation or otherwise;

    • 9.5.4 No amendment or alteration to the rules shall be made except at a General Meeting.

  • 9.6 To co-opt additional members of the Committee as required;

    • 9.6.1 To co-opt members to the Committee to fill casual vacancies. Such co-opted members shall be entitled to vote at all meetings;

  • 9.7 The Committee shall notify the appropriate club(s) within one week of receiving any written communication that requires a decision to be made.


10. Committee Meeting(s):

  • 10.1 Committee meetings shall be held and called by the Chairman and League Secretary, or on the written application of one third or more of the committee members;

    • 10.1.1 These meetings should be held at least twice a year;

  • 10.2 A quorum shall consist of not less than one-third of the elected members of the Committee;

  • 10.3 The Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote;

  • 10.4 At all meetings the chair shall be responsible for leading the meeting;

    • 10.4.1In the event that the Chairman is unavailable the president shall chair the meeting;

  • 10.5Minutes shall be kept of all meetings;

    • 10.5.1 The minutes shall be made available leading up to the next meeting as appropriate;

    • 10.5.2 A copy of the minutes shall be published on the website;

    • 10.5.3 The minutes shall be agreed by a majority of those present with voting rights after any necessary amendment(s) has been carried out;

    • 10.5.4 The agreed minutes are to be signed by the Chairman and retained;


11. Dissolution of the League:

  • 11.1 The league shall only be dissolved by an AGM or EGM;

  • 11.2 In the event that The League is dissolved in future, any remaining assets after all outstanding expenses of the league have been settled, shall be divided amongst any surviving member clubs.

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The League Rules


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

The League Rules


1) League Membership:

  • 1.1 Membership of the League shall be automatic for continuing seasons unless the League Secretary is informed;

  • 1.2 Teams withdrawing after the AGM of a particular year shall be liable for the full subscriptions for the subsequent season;


2) Format of the Divisions:

  • 2.1 Should the number of teams make it necessary the League may consist of two or more divisions as may be determined by the Committee each season;

  • 2.2No division shall consist of less than five teams and normally, no more than seven;

    • 2.2.1 The constitution of each division shall be determined by the Committee each season;

  • 2.3The constitution of any division shall be controlled so that it contains no more than two teams from any one club;


​​ 3) Fixtures:

  • 3.1Each club shall play home and away fixtures with each other club in it’s own division;

    • 3.1.1 In cases where sufficient time is not available for the full fixture to be completed on one evening, the respective captains of the club shall arrange for another night for completion;

  • 3.2Clubs failing to complete any fixture on the date arranged must inform the League Fixtures Secretary with a re-arranged date for completion;

    • 3.2.1 Unfinished fixtures MUST be completed within thirty (30) days otherwise the Committee will award the points;

  • 3.3All Clubs shall conform to a Plymouth Badminton League Code of Conduct;

  • 3.4Courts must adhere to Badminton England guidelines;

    • Courts may be inspected by an appointed sub-committee with regard to faults and their decisions circulated to all clubs;

    • Nets which have not posts standing on side lines shall carry two white tapes suspended vertically above each outside line;

  • 3.5 Lets and Faults as approved in section 3.4 must be declared at the start of each match before commencing play.


    ​​ 4) Definition of the Divisions:

The following is based around the Badminton England Transgender Policy and the subsequent FAQ update:

  • 4.1Players must choose which discipline (female or open) they will play in for the upcoming season;

    • 4.1.1Transgender and non-binary players need to, if they have or are receiving any medical interventions, play in the open category;

    • 4.1.2Players may not play in more than one discipline in league fixtures, cup competitions or league tournaments;

  • 4.2Ladies Divisions;

    • 4.2.1 Only players with the assigned sex of female at birth may play in these divisions;

  • 4.3Open Divisions (formally Men’s)

    • 4.3.1Players of any assigned birth sex may play in these divisions

  • 4.4Medley Divisions:

    • 4.4.1 A medley team shall consist of:

      • Three players with the assigned sex of female at birth to play the Ladies element

      • Three players with any birth sex to play the Open element

      • pairs (each with assigned sex of female at birth and birth sex male) to play the Mixed element.


​​ 5) Points, Champions, Promotion and Relegation:

  • 5.1Medley Divisions:

    • 5.1.1 Each match between two pairs shall consist of the best of three games;

    • 5.1.2 The winning pair to be awarded one league point;

  • 5.2Open and Ladies Divisions:

    • 5.2.1 Each match between two pairs shall consist of two games;

    • 5.2.2Each game won shall equate to one league point;

  • 5.3The club scoring the greatest number of points in Division One shall be the Champion Club for the ensuing year;

  • 5.4 The club scoring the greatest number of points in each division below Division One shall be promoted unless prevented by Rule 2.2.3 in which case the runners-up will be promoted;

  • 5.5 The club scoring the least number of points in any division shall be relegated except in the following circumstances;

    • 5.5.1 If a team is relegated into a division containing two teams from that same club the lowest designated team of that club shall automatically be relegated in place of the bottom team in that division;


6) End of Season Ties:

  • 6.1 In the event of clubs completing the season each with an equal number of points:

    • 6.1.1  The winning club shall be the one gaining the greater number of wins;

    • 6.1.2 if still equal the team with the least number of points scored against them;

    • 6.1.3 if still level then the better average of aces over the season;


​​ 7) Date for the End of the Season:

  • 7.1 All matches must be completed by 31st March;

    • 7.1.1 Continuation will be at the discretion of the Committee;

    • 7.1.2 Refer to 3.2.1


8) Start of Season Requirements:

  • 8.1 Each club shall forward the following items as soon as possible to the appropriate officer before any match is played:

    • 8.1.1 Fixture list

    • 8.1.2 Nomination list

    • 8.1.3Fees due (i.e. Club, Team and End of Season Presentation)

    • 8.1.4Confirmation that the club is affiliated to Badminton England;

    • 8.1.5 Confirmation that all the representative players are affiliated to Badminton England;

      • Any players joining after the start of the season will be required to affiliate to Badminton England prior to playing any matches;

  • 8.2 Failure to meet any of the above obligations will mean forfeiture of all league points gained until the omission is rectified;


9) Inter-Club Fixtures within the same Division:

  • 9.1 Clubs with two teams in a division shall complete their common fixtures before Christmas;


10) Other Matters:

  • 10.1 Any matters not covered by the rules shall be left to the Executive Committee to adjudicate upon.

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The Beckly Cup Rules


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

The Beckly Cup Rules


1) Management of the Beckly Cup Competition:

  • 1.1 The management of the Beckly Cup shall be vested in a committee comprising representatives from divisions throughout the League, together with the League Secretary, Tournament Secretary and Fixtures Secretary;

  • 1.2 The committee shall be elected at the AGM;


2) Shuttles for the Beckly Cup Competition:

  • 2.1 All matches shall be played with feather shuttles to be provided by the home club for all rounds except the Final when the League shall supply feather shuttles;


3) Competition Details:

  • 3.1. The competition shall be played on a handicap to be set out by the committee;

    • 3.1.1 The handicap for each match shall be placed in a sealed envelope and only opened at the completion of a match by a member of the handicap committee or their nominated representative

    • 3.1.2 In the event of a draw, the match will be replayed on the away team’s court;

    • 3.1.3 The committee will provide a handicap for this;


4) The Draw:

  • 4.1 The draw shall be made for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the competition at the Fixtures Meeting in October;

  • 4.2 Handicaps shall be revised before each round up to and including the final;


5) Format of the Team:

  • 5.1 The team entered shall consist of three mixed doubles pairs playing nine mixed doubles matches;

    • 5.1.1A mixed doubles pair, under the Badminton England Transgender Policy, is defined as one player birth sex female and one player birth sex male;

  • 5.2 All participating league clubs are expected to enter a team into the Beckly Cup competition where possible to do so;

  • 5.3 Players may only represent a single club in the Beckly Cup and must be affiliated to that club;

  • 5.4 Players affiliated to multiple clubs may not represent a club in the Beckly Cup where they play for another team within a Medley Division.


6) Format for each Fixture:

  • 6.1 Each match will consist of two games with no setting;


7) Selecting a Team for the Beckly Cup Competition:

  • 7.1Club Secretaries must submit to the Fixtures Secretary 14 days in advance of the fixture the list of pairings for that round / fixture;

  • 7.2 Pairings may be changed for each Beckly Cup round / fixture providing the player registration is prior to that draw for the round taking place.

8) Ineligible Players:

  • 8.1 Players not named in lists submitted will be ineligible for the cup fixtures;

  • 8.1.1 Any club handicapped by loss of players through injury or other causes beyond their control may be permitted to submit names of additional players to the Fixtures Secretary;


9) League Rules that apply to the Beckly Cup:

  • 9.1The following league rules shall apply to the Beckly Cup Competition:

    • 9.1.1Part 2: 3.2, 3.1.1

    • 9.1.2Part 4: Section 4, Section 5, Section 10, Section 11, Section 12;

    • 9.1.3Part 5: Section 1, Section 3, Section 4;

  • 9.2 Dates for the First Round of the Beckly Cup Competition:

    • 9.2.1 The first round of the competition shall be played in one week, the week being decided by the Management Committee;

      • League fixtures shall not be arranged for this particular week;


10) Knockout Round Completion Dates:

  • 10.1 All clubs will receive a copy of the knockout round completion dates at the start of each season;


11) Arranging a Beckly Cup Competition Match:

  • 11.1 The home team must offer the away team two dates for the tie to be played.

    • 11.1.1 ​​ If neither is acceptable to the away team, the match will be awarded to the home team.


12) Other Problems:

  • 12.1 The Beckly Cup Committee have the power to decide any matter not covered by the rules and their decision is final.


13) Beckly Cup Competition Trophy:

  • 13.1 The League will be responsible for engraving the Beckly Cup Trophies, which should be returned in a clean condition to the Trophy Secretary at the February Secretary meeting in the following season.


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The Conduct of Fixtures Rules


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

The Conduct of Fixtures Rules


1) Laws and Shuttlecock provision:

  • 1.1 All fixtures shall be played under Badminton England Laws;

  • 1.2 Sufficient shuttlecocks of the correct speed to complete the match should be made available by the home club at the commencement at the match;

  • 1.3 Feather or Hybrid shuttles as approved by Badminton England;

  • 1.4 On court disputes (scores, serving faults, court faults) should be settled by appointment of scorer / umpire;


​​ 2) Fixture Start Times:

  • 2.1 The time for the commencement of matches is to be arranged by the club secretaries and be rigidly adhered to;


3) Makeup of teams:

  • 3.1Medley Divisions:

    • 3.1.1 Teams shall consist of the following players, with each player being nominated in order of merit / strength;

    • 3.1.2 The fixtures shall consist of:

      • Three Open doubles;

      • Three Ladies doubles;

        • Ladies doubles pair will consist of two players with the births sex of female;

      • Three mixed doubles played in order of merit / strength as listed;

        • mixed doubles pair will consist of one player with the birth sex of female and one player with the birth sex of male;

    • 3.1.3 Players shall be nominated 1st, 2nd and 3rd player for each fixture and the player’s names and order of play shall be entered on the score sheet prior to commencement of play;

    • 3.1.4 If a team plays a fixture with only two birth sex male or birth sex female they shall play as 1st and 2nd birth sex male and birth sex female positions.

    • 3.1.5The pairings for the mixed doubles need not reflect nominations in the order of merit / strength for the birth sex male and birth sex female doubles, however the pairings shall be in descending order of merit/strength;

  • 3.2Open and Ladies Divisions:

    • 3.2.1Teams shall consist of four players with each player being nominated in order of their merit / strength;

      • For the Ladies Divisions players will have a birth sex of female;

    • 3.2.2The fixtures shall consist of 6 matches of two games;

    • 3.2.3 Players shall be nominated 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th player for each fixture and the player’s names and order of play shall be entered on the score sheet prior to commencement of play;

    • 3.2.4 If a team plays a fixture with less than a full complement of players they shall play in the top places;

  • 3.3Any discrepancies will be penalised in accordance with Section 11.


​​ 4) Injuries:

  • 4.1 In the case of injury, a substitute may be introduced into the next match of the fixture;

    • 4.1.1 The match in which injury occurred will be awarded to the opposition;

    • 4.1.2 A substitution can be made for an injured player between matches without incurring penalties;

  • 4.2 Clubs should field the same team to continue any fixture that was unfinished after the first evening;

    • 4.2.1 Where this proves to be impossible substitutes may be used;

  • 4.3 The Fixture Secretary will look carefully at the use of substitutes and will take action if they feel the rule is being abused;

    • 4.3.1 Also if a substitution is necessary during a fixture it should be for the injured player directly: no reshuffling of the team is allowed;

    • 4.3.2 No delay or alteration to the normal order of fixtures is accepted due to a substitution;

  • 4.4 Teams are encouraged to have a substitute available for fixtures.


5) Incomplete Fixtures:

  • 5.1The Fixture Secretary must be informed as soon as possible of any incomplete fixture;

  • 5.2 If an match in a fixture is left incomplete in the middle of a game or at the end of a game, the event shall be restarted afresh;

  • 5.3 If any club is unable to complete their home fixtures by 31st March the Management Committee shall have the power to award outstanding points according to the circumstances;


6) Reporting Fixture Results:

  • 6.1 The home team representatives will complete their own electronic score sheet;

    • 6.1.1The home team representative will notify the Fixtures Secretary that the Score Sheet has been completed within 48 hours of the fixture being played;

    • 6.1.2Failure by the home team to complete the electronic score sheet and notify the fixture secretaries will incur a penalty of two points on the home team;

  • 6.2The away team representative will complete their own electronic score sheet

    • 6.2.1 Failure by the away team representative to complete the electronic score sheet will incur a penalty of two points on the away team

  • 6.3 Both score sheets will be electronically signed by representatives of both clubs;

  • 6.4 Any disputes over the results will be dealt with by the Fixture Secretaries in association with the committee.

7) Late arrivals at Fixtures:

  • 7.1 In the event of late arrival at fixtures, the Committee may determine the facts and may deduct points as a penalty.


8) Conceded events:

  • 8.1 The reasons for any conceded events must be communicated to the Fixtures Secretary as soon as possible;

  • 8.2 The Committee will consider the reasons for conceding events and WILL deduct points;

  • 8.3 Any team conceding twelve (12) matches or more in a season WILL be relegated and all matches will be deemed null and void.

9) Venue Risk Assessment:

  • 9.1 Both home and visiting team should complete a visual risk assessment of the venue prior to commencement of play;

    • 9.1.1 Any issues should be raised with the home team captain prior to commencement of the fixture;

    • 9.1.2 The tick box on the electronic Score Sheet should be initialled to confirm that this check has taken place;

    • 9.1.3 Anything untoward after the fixture has started should be raised with the home team captain;


10) Postponements:

  • 10.1 League Fixtures;

    • 10.1.1 League fixtures should be played on the dates originally arranged by secretaries at the Fixtures Meeting at the start of the season;

    • 10.1.2 Once fixtures are agreed and accepted by the Fixtures Secretary, they can only be re-arranged without penalty for inclement weather, unavailability of venue, Beckley Cup Final clash or an emergency that is accepted by the Committee as justifiable;

    • 10.1.3 A penalty of four points will be deducted for any other reason;

  • 10.2 Beckley Cup Fixtures;

    • 10.2.1 A Beckley Cup fixture must take precedence over a previously arranged League fixture;


11) Disputes:

  • 11.1 Notice of disputes between clubs shall be sent to the Fixtures Secretary within seven days of playing the fixture;

  • 11.2 The decision of a disputes committee, in respect of each of the foregoing, shall be final;

    • 11.2.1 The disputes committee shall be convened by officers of the League as necessary and shall consist of the League Management Committee, as defined in the Constitution.


12) Insurance:

  • 12.1 All Clubs must be adequately insured through Badminton England;


13) League Trophies:

  • 13.1 The League will be responsible for the engraving of all League Trophies;

  • 13.2 All League and Tournament Trophies must be returned in a clean condition to the Trophies Secretary at the February Secretaries Meeting in the following season;


14) End of Season Presentation Evening:

  • 14.1 Each team entered in the League shall pay £12.00 (Medley), £10 (Open/Ladies) or whatever nominated sum towards the cost of the End of Season Dance;

  • 14.2 Every club member shall be entitled to a free ticket

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The Tournament Rules


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

Tournament Rules


1) Conduct of the Tournaments:

  • 1.1 Tournaments will be conducted according to the rules of Badminton England.


2) Management of the Tournaments:

  • 2.1 The management of the various tournaments is vested in the Tournament Secretary;

  • 2.1 Other interested parties may be invited to assist in the management;


3) Mixed Doubles Handicapped Tournament:

  • 3.1known as the “Christmas Tournament” this may be organised on a date near the Christmas season;

  • 3.2 Entries will be open to a pair consisting of one birth sex male and one birth sex female player;

  • 3.3  ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Entry will be restricted to players affiliated to the League and those players will have played at the affiliated club on at least two occasions.


4) Restricted (and Handicapped) Tournament:

  • 4.1Known as the Restricted Tournament;

  • 4.2Played early in the New Year;

  • 4.3Entry will be restricted to affiliated to the league and playing in Division 2 and below

    • 4.3.1The Tournament Secretary shall decide on the entry qualifications prior to the tournament taking place;


5) Unrestricted Tournament:

  • 5.1 Known as the Unrestricted Tournament;

  • 5.2 Played in early March;

  • 5.3Entry will be restricted to those players affiliated to the league clubs and those players who have played at those clubs on at least two occasions;


6) Events featured in the Restricted and Unrestricted Tournaments:

  • 6.1 Ladies Singles – open to birth sex female players only

  • 6.2 Ladies Doubles – open to birth sex female players only

  • 6.3 Open Singles – open to any player regardless of their birth sex

  • 6.4 Open Doubles – open to any player regardless of their birth sex

  • 6.5 Mixed Doubles - open to a pair of players consisting of one birth sex male and one birth sex female;


7) Other Tournaments:

  • 7.1The Tournament Secretary may decide to organise further tournaments:

    • 7.1.2Summer Mixed Doubles Tournament;

    • 7.1.3The Veterans Tournament;


8) Tournament Trophies:

  • 8.1 Perpetual trophies will be engraved and paid for by the League;

  • 8.2 All perpetual trophies must be returned to the Trophy Secretary in a clean condition at the February Meeting in the following season;

  • Keepsake trophies are engraved at the winner’s expense;


9) Tournament Entry Fees:

  • 9.1 Entry fees for events shall be decided by the Committee;

  • 9.2 Entries must be submitted to the Tournament Secretary by a date to be decided upon by the League Committee;

  • 9.3 The appropriate remittance in respect of members fees for the Tournament shall be paid by the competitor before they play any matches;


10) Courts:

  • All matches to be played on nominated courts;


11) Reporting at the start of a Tournament:

  • 11.1 All competitors must report to the Referee immediately on arrival and be prepared to play at any time after the time quoted for the event;

  • 11.2 The Committee reserve the right to scratch any competitor not present when called;


12) Clothing for Tournaments:

  • 12.1 Competitors must wear suitable badminton clothing on court at all times;


13) Leaving the Tournament Venue:

  • 13.1 Competitors must not leave the hall during the tournament without the Referee’s permission;


14) Participating in Tournament Matches:

  • 14.1 Matches will be played as drawn;

  • 14.2 Substitutes will only be permitted in cases of sickness, injury or removal out of the district;

  • 14.3 Any such alteration will be subject to the approval of the Tournament Secretary;

  • The Tournament Secretary must be informed at least three clear days before the commencement of the Tournament;

  • 14.4 A player or pair involved in the following match must be ready to play as and when required by the Tournament official in charge of the events;

  • 14.5 Knocking up time must not exceed three minutes;


15) Tournament Play:

  • 15.1 Play shall be continuous, no player being permitted to leave the court during the progress of the match.


16) Other Problems:

  • 16.1 The Tournament Secretary shall have power to decide any matters not covered by the rules and their decision shall be final.


17) The Right to Refuse or Modify:

  • 17.1 The Committee reserve the right to refuse entries without assigning reason, to add to or alter these conditions, or to withdraw or reduce any event if entries be deemed insufficient;

  • 17.2 The Committee’s decision in all matters will be final.

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The Player Registration Rules


The Plymouth & District Churches Badminton League

(Founded 1930)

The Player Registration Rules


1) Player Affiliation:

  • 1.1A Player must be affiliated to Badminton England

  • 1.2 A player must appear on the Badminton England membership list of the club they will represent;

  • 1.3The Fixture Secretary will check that a player is affiliated with Badminton England and listed with the club concerned;

  • 1.4The club the player represents will make sure, by contacting the Fixture Secretaries, that the player is eligible to represent them;

  • 1.5 Should a player wish to, represent a different club during the season, then the secretary of the club, which the player is joining, must send a statement to this effect to the Fixture Secretary;

    • 1.5.1The player must appear on the Badminton England Club membership list before they are eligible to play in a any fixture;

    • 1.5.2The Club Secretary must confirm the affiliation to the Fixture Secretary before playing that player in a team;


2) Team Membership:

  • 2.1 A club entering two teams in the League must submit the names of players nominated for it’s “A” team;

    • 2.1.1 A club entering three teams must submit two lists of players nominated for its “A” and “B” teams respectively;

  • 2.2 Each list shall consist of the minimum number of players to play in the fixtures;

    • 2.2.1 These lists must be received by the Fixtures Secretary before any team from the club concerned plays it’s first League fixture of the season;

  • 2.3 A nominated player or a player who has played more than three matches in a team in a particular division may play for any team of the same club in the same or lower divisions provided that:

    • 2.3.1The Fixtures Secretary is notified in writing and receipt is confirmed by the club secretary;

    • 2.3.2There is a waiting period of two fixtures from the date of confirmation of the change during which time the player does not play for either team;

  • 2.4 The player has only one change in any one season and that no change takes place after February 1st;

    • A player automatically nominated under section 2.1 shall not be considered to have made a change and may thus be denominated according to Rule 2.3;

  • 2.5 Clubs with more than one team must always have a complete team nominated for each team requiring nominated players;

    • 2.5.1 If a club denominates a player and brings the number below this minimum requirement, a replacement must be nominated at the same time;

  • 2.6 A nominated player must play for their selected team by the third fixture of that team in the season;

    • 2.6.1 Should the player not do so then the players as listed for the third match fixture will all be considered to be nominated players provided Rule 1.4 is observed;

    • 2.6.2 This will not denominate the originally nominated player who had not played for the selected team;

  • 2.7 In the case of a club with three or more teams, compliance with Rule 2.6 may leave a vacancy in the nominations for the lower team (as per Rule 2.5).

    • 2.7.1 Any player filling this gap in the nominations shall be deemed not to have made a change and may be denominated according to Rule 2.3;

  • 2.8 NB: A lower team (e.g. ‘C’ team) player can only play three fixtures in higher teams before losing the lower (e.g. ‘C’) team status. (i.e. not two games for the ‘A’ team and two games for the ‘B’ team.);


3) Mid-Season Affiliation changes:

  • 3.1 Once a player has played in a League fixture for a particular club, they cannot play for a different club in the same season within the same fixture discipline, (Medley, Open / Ladies)


4) Unregistered Players:

  • 4.1 Any club playing an unregistered:

    • 4.1.1 player or players;

    • 4.1.2 pairings of players;

    • 4.1.3 differing from the order laid down in Section 2 of these rules;

    • 4.1.4 . . . shall be penalised;

  • 4.2 Matches and games gained by the offending player(s) shall automatically be deducted from that team’s score;

  • 4.3 The games will then be awarded to the opposing team by 21 points to nil;



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