Experimental Resources

Section updated: 14:30 Sunday 16th February 2020


The League Committee have been working on some experimental resources which it will discuss and possibly introduce next season. Feedback is welcome from clubs and players.

Score Sheets:

Below are electronic versions of the score sheets. They are listed here in “Open-Document” and “Microsoft Excel” format.

Match Scoring:

The Plymouth Badminton League asks that “all games are scored” but, in recent years, this has often been forgotten by clubs with the result that there have been questions raised over the actual score.

Below are some pointers as to how an individual can keep score:

The “Match Score sheet”, below has been developed from the Badminton Association of Umpires method of keeping score in badminton matches. Further information regarding how to use the document can be obtained from the chairman.

The “Crib Sheet” below is to be used with the “Match Score sheet” above and will assist a scorer in organising and running a match proficiently.